Metropark Blog – Printer Problems

Printer Problems 

Trying to print, but the job doesn’t consistently work on the network? It’s a common problem, but we can find your solution. It’s likely your printer may appear available, but print jobs sent to it are not completed. Start by checking if anyone else is experiencing this problem or if it’s just the one user. If only one user is having the issue, the PC may not be mapped properly to the print server. If more than one user is experiencing the issue, the network between client and printer may be to blame. Packet loss can cause printing problems along with network connectivity problems on the printer itself. 


Potential Solutions:

  • Check the printer configuration to make sure it has a good IP address.
  • Check that the printer can access the print server if it is external to the printer.
  • Make sure that the printer drivers are up to date. At times, this has resolved printing issues.
  • Make sure that traffic is getting to and from the printer on the network.


If you are running Windows 10, try these additional steps from Microsoft Support.

Printers remain a necessary beast in all businesses today. It’s always good to have a back-up on hand just in case!! If you are still experiencing printer problems, please e-mail support, contact your Metropark Account Rep, or give us a shout at (314) 439-1900 #1…whichever is easiest for you!!