Blog – WiFi Connection


It happens a lot…your wireless device or wireless client can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network. The app or client can detect the wireless access point, but it just can’t connect to the desired wireless network. Normally, we see this problem when there are security credential problems, dead spots, or wireless channel interference. Since wireless is invisible, it can be very difficult to track these problems down without a proper wireless tool. There are some free ones at the Apple Store or Google Play areas…it’s a fun app to always have available. 



  • Using a wireless monitoring tool, measure the signal strength from the affected area. 
  • Conduct a site survey in the area to look for rogue or unknown APs. These may be configured for overlapping wireless channels and can affect known-good users. 
  • Check for noise in the signal from surrounding access points or from noise inducing devices like microwaves and cordless phones.
  • Monitor the client as it attempts to connect to the access point and watch for which step fails – association, authentication, or authorization.