HP Converged Storage

HPE Converged Storage

Storage without boundaries
  • Modular, industry-standard hardware
  • Scale-out, federated software
  • Integrated management

HP Converged 3PAR Storage is the only storage platform that can meet the demands of the modern data center. With a range of models, HP 3PAR Storage delivers the efficiency and agility required by the most demanding virtual, cloud, and IT-as-a-Service environments.

Delivering 50% savings in total cost of ownership, HP 3PAR Storage is:
  • Multi-tenant and Federated—Manage unpredictable workloads and double VM density. Supports huge numbers of applications, mixed workloads, and customers—securely and concurrently—without performance or resiliency impact. HP Peer Motion Software provides non-disruptive data mobility between federated 3PAR systems.
  • Efficient—Reduce acquisition and operational costs by 50%—Guaranteed!! Allows you to reduce up-front capacity requirements, reduce technology refresh costs, and eliminate stranded capacity using thin technologies. Plus, with sub-volume storage tiering, 3PAR systems allow you to reduce $/GB by up to 30%.
  • Autonomic—Save up to 90% of administrator time. Simplifies, automates, and expedites storage management—intelligently and without administrator intervention. The system is self-managing, self-healing, and self-configuring.