MPVEX Feature List

MPVEX Feature List

With Metropark Voice Exchange (MPVEX) you have the tools and features you need to enhance your business for improved growth and success. Utilize countless MPVEX options to take your business to the next level with a wide variety of services from Metropark’s Voice Exchange; PBX in the Cloud, Boomea Unified Communications, and tons more!!


1-6 Digit Extension Dialing
A numbered extension is associated with each user on the system.  This number can be a small as 1 and as high as 6.  Normally 3 or 4 digits are used by most businesses.
Attended Transfer
Transfer a call to an extension, group, or phone number after announcing the party to be transferred.
Auto Attendant – Answering 
Setup a telephone number that dials directly to an Auto Attendant. Callers are then presented with predefined options via the Auto Attendant feature.
Auto Attendant – Multiple Top-Level 
Allows separate telephone numbers to be routed to unique Top-Level Auto Attendants. Each Auto Attendant is individually configurable.
Auto Attendant – Sub-Level 
Sub-Level Auto Attendants are often used for different departments within an organization. For example, you may have a main Auto Attendant for your company, plus Sub-Level Auto Attendants for Sales, Support, etc.
Auto Attendants – Top Level 
Allows callers to select menu options using a standard telephone keypad.  Calls can be routed to extensions, mailboxes, groups, conference rooms, call queues, or multiple levels of additional auto attendants.  Top Level AAs are always On or Time Based.
Automatic Fraud Detection 
A customizable monitoring system that automatically detects and alerts international toll fraud.  
Provisioning a user’s phone can be time consuming. With Auto-Provisioning your phone deployment can be reduced to minutes.

Blacklist Phone Numbers

To “Black list” a phone number is the method to block callers from routing through to your PBX in the CLOUD and subsequently your phone users. Callers who are blacklisted will just hear a busy signal.
Blind Transfer
Transfer a call to another extension, group, or phone number without announcing the party being transferred.
Boomea (Unified Communications)
Browser based platform which allows for Inner-Office Chats and Messaging, Call History, Call Recording, Call Center Console, Notes & Tasks, Presence, MPVEX Phone Extension management, and make calls with Quick Call or Webphone*.
Burstable Call Paths
Call Paths are “burstable”, meaning you can configure your PBX in the CLOUD to give extra call paths “on-demand” to deliver additional calls beyond the number of paths you have purchased—up to 10 additional paths. MPVEX will automatically track and bill you for the extra call paths needed and you will have full use of the additional call paths for the remainder of the billing period.  Then it resets to the normal billing cycle.
Busy Call Forwarding
Automatically forwards your calls to an extension, group, or phone number when your phone is busy.
Busy Lamp Field BLF
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) is typically a Red or Green light on an IP phone which tells you whether another extension on your same PBX in the CLOUD system is busy or idle.
Call Center

MPVEX Call Center is an addon for a company who needs call center features; agent login/out, automatic call  distrubution, wrap, reports, etc.

Call Detail Records
Real-time call logging is available via the portal. From, to, call duration, date and time, and call type (International, Tollfree, etc). In addition, frequently called numbers can ‘tagged’ with text descriptions for legibility.
Call Forwarding
Forwards calls via the portal, star code, or via your device or softphone. Calls may be forwarded to any extension or phone number.  Note: device or softphone forwarding functionality may vary by manufacturer.
Call Blocking 
To “Call Block” or “Black List” a phone number is the method to block callers from routing through to your PBX in the CLOUD and subsequently your phone users. Callers who are blacklisted will just hear a busy signal.
Call History
MPVEX IP phones maintain a call history lists of Missed calls, Placed calls, Received calls and Forwarded calls. Depending on the phone Call history lists can support up to 400 entries in all. You can view the call history, place a call, add a contact or delete an entry from the call history list.
Call Hold
Place calls on hold and play music or a marketing-on-hold commercial while a caller is on hold.
Call Park
Unlike a call placed on hold, a parked call may be picked up at another extension. 
Call Queue Group
Callers placed in a queue group can listen to marketing on hold messages while the system rings all the phones associated with the same group.
Call Recording
Record individual users phone calls.  The recorded conversations are attached to call logs in the MPVEX Portal.
Call Restriction
Certain numbers may be restricted from calling.  All International calls are typically always restricted.
Call Routing Time Frames 
Allows routing decisions based on time and date. Multiple schedules can be configured from departments with different hours of operation (e.g. business hours, after hours and holiday hours).
Call Traffic by Extension
Administrators can track number of calls by individual
Call Volume Reports
Allows review of system call volume based on hour, day, week, or month
Call Volume Graphs by Time of Day, Month, Year, or Custom Dates
Histograms graphically display calling patterns and trends
Call Waiting Indicator 
Indicates incoming call (and Caller ID if available) while another call is in process.
Caller ID
Customize the appearance of your outgoing Caller ID by outgoing number or extension.
Caller ID Blocking
Disable Caller ID for all outbound calls made from your PBX in the CLOUD.

Plugin for Chrome or Brave browsers to enable phone numbers on the webpage to be dialed with one click (DOWNLOAD) .

Conference Call – 3 Parties
After making or receiving your first call, a user may “conference in” any third party using the conference button on your MPVEX phone.
Conference On-Demand 
Call conferencing is often used for meet-me or on-demand conferencing. Conferences are pre-programed room numbers with conference room PINs.  Administrator sets up each conference bridge so that participants can join the conference unmuted or muted.
Conference Personal
Call conferencing can be setup for a personal user and can even have its on DID phone number.
Customer MPVEX Portal
Web based user interface that allows admin users to configure their PBX in the Cloud, create call queues and groups, view call detail records and billing information, listen to and delete your voicemail, upload music on hold, manage numbers, and an endless amount of management from your fingertips.
Dashboard Via Boomea
As a Boomea user you can access your dashboard from an Internet browser or the Boomea App. You may review your call logic, outbound calls, inbound calls, find me follow me, call flow, call history, listen to your voicemail and make quick calls.  Boomea features are all at your finger tips too, of course.
Dashboard – Boomea Quick Call
As a user you can enter a phone number into your Boomea Dashboard’s Quick Call section to initiate a call to your phone device.  If you have the Boomea Webphone, this screen will flip between webphone and quick call.
Dashboard Boomea Call Center
Allows MPVEX Call Center agent and monitoring to be viewed with easy management. This also includeds login/out away/ready status and superviser review.
Dashboard Boomea Call Recordings
The recorded conversations can be presented on your Boomea Dashboard
Dashboard Boomea Voicemail
As a user you can access voicemail from your Boomea dashboard. You can listen, save, and delete your messages from a simple, elegant interface.
Detailed Call Accounting
Real-time search of dates and duration of all calls on your system
DHCP for VoIP Devices

Provide the IP addresses for all VoIP devices.

Dial During Announcement
Enter the dial-pad digits without waiting for the announcement or greeting to complete.
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Set up a telephone number to dial or ring directly to a group, queue group, device, or extension.
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
DISA feature allows you make a business call from an outside line while appearing to be calling from “inside” your business. The purpose is to be able to conduct a business call from an outside line when necessary, and still appear to be calling from your business. Knowing that it is common to need to call from your personal phone at times to conduct business, DISA is the means to do so and protect your privacy, while maintaining your business identity with the client.
Direct to Voicemail 
Instead of transferring a caller to an extension which will cause the phone to ring multiple times or be sent to other coverage points, a caller can be transferred directly into the desired voicemail box.
Directed Call Pickup
Pick up call ringing at another user’s phone.  Allows users to dial *8 plus an extension number to answer a call ringing at that extension. Note: this feature does not work with a Group or Queue Group call.
On capable MPVEX phones or Boomea, the user can review a local directory, company wide directory, a remote directory, or phone book.
Disable Outbound Dialing 
Disable Outbound Dialing for specific extensions.
Do Not Disturb
With Do Not Disturb, you can silence calls, alerts, and notifications that you get while your device is locked in the DND mode on your MPVEX DND capable phone.
Domestic Origination

Provides local phone numbers or DIDs in most of the LATAs in the United States. That means that we can port your local phone number to our system, and provide your company with the highest quality voice communications and flexibility of Voice Over IP (VoIP).

Domestic Termination

Provides extremely competitive outbound call packages ranging from pay-as-you-go, pre-paid minutes, and unlimited usage plans. Our per minute rate is very competitive, and our quality and reliability is uncompromising.

Dynamic Call Recording
When enabled, a dynaflow will be added to the device that allows them to start and stop a call recording whenever they want. During an active call, a user with recording rights can dial *1 and their call recording will start, then can dial *2 to stop the call recording.
Dynamic Caller ID
A feature which allows the user the ability to send a different phone number as Caller ID.  Ideal for companies needing to look like calls are more localized than the may be.
Enhanced 911 or E911 service is a North American telephone network (NANP) feature of the 911 emergency-calling system that automatically associates a physical address with the calling party’s telephone number.  Every location and phone number where you utilize a device or SoftPhone must have an associated E911 charge and entry in the MPVEX Web Portal. The phone number associated with your location is then registered with the national E911 database.  PBX in the CLOUD is compliant with Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act. Please note that You are responsible to update this information, if you move any device to a new location per the Terms of Service.
Many MPVEX customers still require Fax services.  Old world facsimile machines have become mostly obsolete but Metropark does offer a T.38 Voip to Analog service if absolutely necessary, but this is not recommended as you are combining 1980s technology with today’s and some analog data loss can occur.  The recommended Fax service today is MPVEX Faxboxes.  Your faxes are received and automatically turned into a PDF and delivered to your email’s INBOX.  Fast, safe, and secure.  No more paper or prying eyes needed.  Sending a Fax is just as easy as sending an email with an attachment.
Find Me/Follow Me
This feature is configured per extension and offers multiple options to route calls once they have reached the given extension. Callers are waiting as your optional phone destinations are tried.  This can be cell phones, other PBX phones, or other numbers.
Find Me/Follow Me with Time of Day
The Find Me Follow Me feature can be turned on or off based on a time of day.
Firewall Your VoIP Network

Your firewall will be able to investigate the packets of data, getting into and out of your network, to determine if there’s hazardous information that might jeopardize your VoIP network’s security among many other management options.

Forward Calls Locally or Remotely
A feature which allows a user to forward their calls either to other local extensions or to outside phone numbers i.e. Cell Phone.
Holiday Routing
Inbound callers can be routed to different Announcements or Attendant Greetings based on different holiday dates and times.
Hot Desking
As a device user, you can log into another MPVEX IP phone and take it over.
Hunt Groups
You can ring a group of Device Users and/or Devices in order, or ring them all at the same time. You can even ring a cell phone or external number along with your VoIP or office phones.
Incoming Privacy Screening 
As a call is presented to a capable MPVEX phone device, the user can choose to stay private and send the caller directly to voicemail without answering the call.
Place an intercom call instead of calling and ringing the extension.  This beeps the phone and the called party can answer back without lifting the handset.  Note: phone specific; check per brand or model.
International Calling
PBX in the CLOUD allows for calls throughout the world, but to limit costs or toll fraud, the default system configuration restricts any user from calling International numbers.  Our International termination offers competitive international rates. There are so many places to make or take calls, for international rates just ask your Metropark sales or support teams.
LAN Segmentation

Separate voice and data on your Local Area Network (LAN)

Lifetime Software Upgrades
All phone systems require maintenance, software updates, bug fixes, etc.  After the first year these items will a have a cost to the phone system owner.  Not with PBX in the CLOUD.  All software upgrades are scheduled and performed for the lifetime.
Line Appearances
Calls are received and made in connection with a “line key” on an MPVEX phone.  Depending on the phone, a user can have one, two, or many more line appearance.  Designed for a busy operator who may need to have many calls holding, parked, or calling in.
Logo Wallpaper
On MPVEX ultra elegant phones, a logo’d wall paper can be installed and viewed on the phones idle screens.
Marketing On-Hold
An mp3 audio file mixing royalty free music with your company’s commercial information as narrated by a professional voice talent.  When a caller is placed on hold or sent to a Group or Queue Group, they will hear your Marketing On-Hold.
Marketing On-Hold By Location or Queue
Multiple marketing messages or commercials on hold may be uploaded to your PBX in the CLOUD, and can be unique based on location or queue.
Meet-Me Conference 
Call conferencing is often used for meet-me or on-demand conferencing. Conferences are pre-programed room numbers with conference room PINs.  Administrator sets up each conference bridge so that participants can join the conference unmuted or muted.
Music On Hold
An mp3 audio file of royalty free music.  When a caller is placed on hold or sent to a Group or Queue Group, they will hear Music on hold.
Multicast Paging 
Multicast Paging allows you to send pages to groups of phones directly, without the PBX in the CLOUD being involved in the page. With multicast paging, phones are programmed to listen to a broadcast address. The advantage to this method is that the multicast page is a single SIP call instead of a multiple-party conference call. This greatly reduces the workload placed on the PBX, especially when a large number of devices are involved.  All phones that you want to include in the multicast paging group need to be on the same network, since a network broadcast protocol is used.
Nimbus SoftPhone
Nimbus is the softphone that can be loaded onto Apple iOS and Android smartphones.  MPVEX Nimbus lets the user make and take office business calls from anywhere.  The phone can use 4G, 5G, and WiFi to connect to MPVEX and get their phone extension features like dialing features, answering calls to their extension or groups, voicemail, directory, FMFM, time routing, presence groups, and SMS. 
No Answer Call Forwarding 
A user may want to have a caller be forwarded to a different coverage point when the user does not answer the phone.  Typically, this is a voicemail or Find Me Follow Me.
One Button Redial
A device or softphone feature that redials the last number dialed by the extension user. Note: not all phones support this feature.
Outbound Dialing Rules 
The system allows for different configuration types of outbound calls users can make.
Outgoing Call Blocking
Prevent calls to specific numbers or services (e.g. a 1-900 number).
Park and Retrieve
A feature which allows a user to transfer a caller to a park number and then use the same park number to retrieve the call back.  IE. Blind Transfer to *31 to Park. Call *31 to Retrieve.
Path Usage Reports
Allows review of the system’s number of call paths being used based on day, week, or month
Personalized Greetings
The System, Groups, Queue Groups, Auto-Attendants, and Users all can have personalized greetings.
Picture Caller ID
On several of MPVEX ultra elegant phones, a localized picture import can be implemented so that known callers can be presented as a Picture with the normal Caller ID information.
Local Number Portability (LNP) lets you hang onto your numbers when moving to PBX in the CLOUD. Metropark’s project management team work with all carriers to make the “Porting” process as painless as possible.
Privacy / Anonymous Calling
Enter in a code before you call to restrict your Caller ID making you look anonymous.
Quick Dial
From your User Boomea Dashboard simply enter or paste a number into the Quick Dial screen to start a call without the dial pad on your phone.
Real Time Line Key Control
Many phone systems require a reboot or a delay before line key changes can be achieved.  PBX in the CLOUD supports line changes in real time.  Note: certain phones may act differently than others.
Metropark’s Voice Exchange is installed in multiple data centers in the United States.  This allows for each one of your telephone devices to always have access to a working telephone system, should an outage occur at one of the datacenters.
Ring Groups
Enable multiple extensions to be joined as a group, and then route calls sequentially or simultaneously to that group.
Simultaneous Ringing
A feature which allows a user to route callers to multiple phones or outside phone numbers simultaneously. 
Simultaneous Routing
A feature which allows a user to route callers to multiple phones or outside phone numbers simultaneously. 
Share Call Recording
Once a call is recorded, a user may share the recording with others on the system.
Shared Call Paths / Line Share
Line Share allows for multiple branch offices to share call paths instead of paying for unused lines at each location.
SIP Trunking

Most of our MPVEX customer completely move to PBX in the CLOUD, however, if you own a premised based PBX, and want to realize the flexibility and cost savings of business-quality VoIP, Metropark offers ATA and SIP Gateway devices, or you can connect your SIP enabled PBX to our network and realize the benefits of VoIP.

SMS Business Text
Your business main phone number (or any DID number) can now be used in texting and receiving texts from customers of vendors.
Softphone Support
MPVEX provides support for many Softphones whether calling from a PC, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet.  The supported Softphone is the MPVEX NimbusPhone which can be downloaded for Apple or Android devices.
Speed Dial
A feature which allows a user to program a “speed dial” button on their MPVEX phone.  Press the button, and the number is dialed.
Time of Day Routing
Inbound calls can be routed to different groups or queue groups or individuals based on time of day.  IE. At 8:30am all inbound calls go to one phone for answering.  At 12:00pm all calls ring 5 different phones.  
Toll Free Numbers
Utilize one or multiple Toll Free numbers which may be routed to a specific local DID, auto attendant, group or queue. 
User Dashboard Via Boomea
An MPVEX User can access the Boomea Dashboard from an Internet browser. You may review your call logic, outbound calls, inbound calls, find me follow me, call flow, call history, listen to your voicemail and make quick calls.  You can also access all the Unified Communications features in Boomea, of course.
Valet & Retrieve
Park a call using the system Valet. The system will announce the parking slot number.
Virtual Extensions
An extension type that has no physical device information. Virtual Extensions are used to configure the routing of call traffic to and from PBX in the CLOUD, and to provide voicemail capabilities.
Associate a voice mailbox with an extension or use an announce-only voice mailbox to provide customers with a prerecorded message when they choose an option through an Auto Attendant or extension.
Voicemail to Email
After a voicemail is received, the PBX in the CLOUD will send an email to any valid email account or alias that you enter into your MPVEX portal. The message will include the date and time of the call, the duration, Caller ID (if provided), the mailbox number, and an attached WAV file that can be played on your PC or mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet capable of playing WAV files). You can also set up auto-delete for voicemail messages after a configurable time, or as soon they are emailed.
Voicemail Transcription
Voicemail Transcription, also known as MPVEX Readable Voicemail, is a feature that allows for voicemail messages to be transcribed into text that will show up in your voicemail area in Boomea.  If you are in a meeting or some other location where you can not listen to your voicemail, Voicemail Transcription is a fun solution.
Webphone via Boomea

Designed for PC or Laptop users who are actively mobile.  With the Boomea Webphone you always have your phone with you.  Dial or Type a phone number, click a number from your directory, Hold, Transfer, take or make another call with a call on hold, park a call and pick a parked call up all from the comfort of your PC or Laptop.  (Webphone may not be available in your area. Ask your Metropark Sales Rep)