MPVEX Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

The Old Rules are Changing!!!

  • Your customers want to communicate with you, using new technology.  Are you ready to talk with them?
  • Your vendors want to communicate with you, the most efficient way.  Are you ready to communicate with them?
  • You have an old phone system that’s just not cutting it any more.  Are you ready to join millions of VoIP PBX users?

For as little as $21.95 per month you get the newest technology, the newest Unified Communications, the newest ways to communicate, AND you get a beautiful IP Phone too!! … All built into one monthly service called “MPVEX Unified Communications as a Service” or MPVEX UCaaS.

What Makes Up MPVEX UCaaS?

What Do You Get With MPVEX UCaaS?

MPVEX UCaaS includes Metropark Voice Exchange PBX in the CLOUD Standard Feature List
  • Unlimited Domestic Calling
  • Telephone Number & Call Path
  • Voice Mailbox with vm-to-email
  • Find Me Follow Me
  • Conference Bridge
  • Click to Call
  • BLF Presence
MPVEX UCaaS includes Metropark Voice Exchange Boomea Unified Communications platform
  • Business Chat & Private Direct Messages
  • File Sharing
  • Tasks & Notes Shared
  • Meetings Audio & Video
  • Phone Integration with MPVEX PBX in the CLOUD
MPVEX UCaaS includes your choice of MPVEX IP Phones, Mobile DECT, or Softphone
  • Nimbus Softphone – works on your existing Apple iPhone or Android phone
  • Cordless DECT Phone – works in and outside your office depending on where you put the base station
  • Standard Deskphone – 3.7″ 360×160-pixel graphical LCD with backlight
  • Professional Deskphone – 4.3″ 480 x 272-pixel color display with backlight
  • Executive Touchscreen Deskphone – 7” 800×480-pixel color touch display
  • Conference Speakerphone – works in your small to medium size rooms

Looks Great So Far, But What’s The Price?

MPVEX UCaaS is extremely easy to price.  Just add up the number of phone users you have, multiply that by the chosen monthly cost below and voila… that is your new monthly phone bill.  Keep in mind that the monthly amount you are paying for your phone lines goes away.  Example:  You have 5 phone lines and you pay $50 per line.  That’s $250 per month you no longer need to pay the phone company!

Monthly FeePBX in the CLOUDBoomea UCIP Phone
$22.95YesYesStandard IP Phone
$23.95YesYesCordless DECT Phone
$24.95YesYesProfessional IP Phone
$27.95YesYesExecutive IP Phone
$30.95YesYesConference IP Phone
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“It Can’t Get Any More Simple”

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