Our TDM T1 transmits multiple digitized data, voice, and video signals simultaneously over one communication media. With each TDM T1 circuit having 24 channels, each channel is capable of delivering 1 analog line, 1 digital trunk, 1 PRI channel, or 64KB Internet.

Ideal for multi-site networking and suitable for real-time applications such as voice and video, our TDM T1 provides the highest availability with the accurate timing signal and data bit stream reconstruction.


  • Supports all traditional TDM based voice services (Analog and digital lines, DID/2WAYDID digital trunks, PRI)
  • Terminating CSU/DSU provided on all analog and converged solutions
  • Traditional channelized voice/data T1
  • Voice can be handed off as PRI, Digital Trunks, or POTS
  • Voice/Data is not dynamically allocated. Each of the 24 channels on the T1 represents 64Kbps of available bandwidth.

Available Packages:

      1.5Mbps – 12.0Mbps

      Up to 240 Data Channels

      Up to 48 Analog Channels

      Up to 240 Digital Channels

      Up to 240 PRI Channels

      Up to 240 Networking Channels